5 Fun Facts About Daytona Beach

5 fun facts about daytona beach

Daytona Beach is one of my favourite places to visit. The sun, sand and surf…..it is paradise. One item on my KickAss Bucket List is to have a condo by the ocean and Daytona Beach is one of the top places for my condo.

Here are 5 fun facts about Daytona Beach and why I keep going back to visit.

1. Daytona Beach has 23 miles of white sandy beaches. Pedestrians can access the gorgeous beaches 24/7 for free! Discover the boardwalk, pick up some shells.

Daytona Beach Florida

2. In 1902. Daytona Beach was the site of the first automobile and motorcycle races.

3. Cars are permitted to drive in certain areas of Daytona Beach. The cost is $10 per car and  well worth it! The speed limit is 10 mph. Whenever I go to Daytona, I like to park for a while, play in the water and then go for a slow and leisurely drive.

cars on daytona beach pic

4. The tallest lighthouse in Florida is located at the southernmost point of Daytona Beach called Ponce Inlet.

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

5. Daytona Beach is home to the Daytona Speedway. The Speedway recently underwent a $400 million upgrade. Amazing to see in person! Here is a photo of the 2016 winning Daytona 500 car.

2016 Daytona 500 winner

While walking along the gorgeous beach, I wrote myself a note. A reminder to live each day in a KickAss way!

KAL written in the sand pic

I hope you enjoyed my 5 fun facts about Daytona Beach.

Have you been to Daytona Beach?



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