I am never sure what to include on the About page so I decided to start with my story and explain why I created KickAss Living.

My name is Ann.  I am a young widow and mother of two fabulous teens. In August 2011, my wonderful husband of 17 years passed away suddenly. To say my world turned upside down is an understatement. My world went dark and I spiraled into sadness, anxiety and grief.

With the love and support of my family, friends and a wonderful therapist, I am finally thinking about my future and living my life again. Yes, my life is very different now but I realize that I no longer want to be sad. Life is precious and it is important to live each day fully.

I chose the title KickAss Living because it describes my vision on how I want to live each day. I can continue being sad and lonely or I can embrace life, be happy and live the life that I want to live…meant to live. I want to embrace a KickAss attitude and not let anything get me down.

KickAss Living can mean different things to different people. Everyone has different goals and dreams but deep down inside we all just want to be happy and loved.

I know a lot of other women that are going through a similar stage in their lives, whether through loss, divorce or another life event. I think  it is important to share my journey and hopefully help someone else along the way. Together, we can embrace a new way of life and find the happiness we deserve. We can discover what KickAss living means to us and follow our new paths.

I would love to hear from you.

Please forward any comments/suggestions to info@kickass-living.com

Here’s to KickAss Living,




  1. says

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am so glad you are choosing to be happy I am sure that is what your husband would have wanted. I know your kids love you for it.

  2. Jackie says

    Ann you’re a beautiful person inside and out..I’ve known you a while and I’ve learned so much from you..Kickass is definitely the right title for you…miss you..☺

  3. says

    This is a good thought, but if I may ask, is there a group or organizations that gives emotional care for young widows in an environment where there is no therapist,( AFRICA) at times where the widow is tormented and maltreated at the death of the husband.

    It happened to me ten years ago when my husband died, He was 41 and I was 34 at the time, We have 4 children, but unfortunately, there is never a support from anyone except from God with the believe that it is the wife misfortune that killed the husband .
    It brought sudden darkness in to my life and I am still struggling with the pain and loneliness till today, I had never seen anyone in my shoes, I feel like alone in the whole world, I find it difficult to interact with people because I don’t feel belonged. I can explain all in writing

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m new here and love your blog. I’m so sorry about your loss, but I’m glad you are happy and encouraging others to be happy as well and enjoy life as it’s much too short. We all need some good ass-kicks to be happy, follow our dreams and inspire others to do the same.
    All the best, I look forward to reading more here on your blog.
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