Ann’s Bucket List

Ann's bucket list

In my quest to live a KickAss Life, I have many things I want to try, goals to accomplish and places to visit and explore. My list is fluid and will be updated and revised as I navigate through life. One thing I learned so far in my journey, life is short and you need to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest…each and every day.

“Let me not die while I am still alive” is my life mantra and reminds me to live my life fully and do the items on my KickAss Bucket List.

Ann’s Bucket List

Visit Turks & Caicos. The beaches are out of this world. I want to walk on the beach and dip my toes in the ocean. Can you imagine the sunsets?

Drive a convertible on the beach on Florida. I would love to do this in Fort Lauderdale or Daytona Beach. How cool to have the roof down on a Mustang and drive along the ocean.

Visit the Florida Keys. I have always wanted to go to the Keys. I am terrified of bridges so going to the Keys would be a huge accomplishment for me kicking my fear in the ass. Check out my list of 10 places I want to visit in the Florida Keys. (Done Oct 2015)

Visit Los Angeles. This has been on my list since I was a child. I watch all the award shows and would love to see Staples Center in person and also walk around Rodeo Drive. (August 2016)

Go to Las Vegas and visit a chapel. Darin and I were supposed to do this for our 20th anniversary.

See Adele in concert. (Oct 2016)

See a concert at The Staples Center (August 2016)

Learn photography. I have 2 KickAss cameras but I am not not very good at taking photos. One thing I learned after Darin died, it is so important to take photos. I do not have a lot of photos of Darin and it makes me sad. (In progress)

Go to The Mall of America (Dec 2015)

Go to West Edmonton Mall

Attend the North American International Auto Show (January 2016)

Write a book and help other women live a KickAss life.

Visit Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Give a speech. This one frightens me as I am an introvert but I wish to overcome my fear.

Design a ring for myself. When I was younger, I wanted to be a jewelery designer and would spend hours looking through jewelery flyers and dreaming about designing my own ring.

Buy a convertible. Darin spent years dreaming about buying one. He died 4 months after he bought his dream car.

Go on a cruise. ….the whole fear of water thing has me scared to do this. I would like to start with a 2 day cruise to help me get over my fear of water.

Visit Miami. I want to experience the food and culture.

Retire and live in Florida 6 months a year. I do not enjoy snow or cold weather so the idea of living down south during the harsh winter months sounds great to me. My parents do it and I want to as well.

Retire when I am 55 and live a KickAss Life!

Buy a condo on the Atlantic Ocean. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember. The ocean calms my soul. The sound of the waves and the fresh air calms me and makes my soul sing. I want to wake up to that feeling every morning.

Go to the 2016 NBA All Star Game. I love basketball and the Toronto Raptors!

Visit Hawaii. I looks like heaven on earth.

Get a tattoo. I never used to want a tattoo but changed my mind after Darin died. I decided a tattoo would be a great way to symbolize our love. Now there are 3 tattoos that I want. A heart to symbolize Darin, the words “breathe, everything is going to be ok”, and my mantra “Let me not die while I am still alive”.

What is on your KickAss Bucket List?





  1. says

    That is a terrific list, Ann. Some really unique items on there like designing a ring for yourself and giving a speech. All great/exciting things…or things that take you outside your comfort zone. Love it! I’m pushing to see you drive a convertible on the beach in Florida at TBEX 😉 Here’s to checking off every item on this list!
    Sandy recently posted…Your Underwear Wants You To Know Something…My Profile

  2. says

    So many of your Bucket List items are on mine as well! Drive a convertible, visit L. A. and go to the an NBA all-star weekend! I would also like to write an episode of one of my favourite shows, go to a major awards show, and travel like crazy! Thanks for inspiring me to get going on some of these items, Ann!
    Lian Wright recently posted…Cute Cookie Cutter PancakesMy Profile

    • Ann says

      I forgot to add Award show to my list! I would love to go to the Emmy’s or the Oscars!! What show do you wan to write for?????/

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