BeautyGram Diva Survival Kit

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In May, my friends and I organized an event called Blogcation Retreat. The owners of BeautyGram sent each of our attendees a Diva Survival Kit and they were a hit!

The kit comes in a reusable pink patent leather pouch and is jammed pack with the following items:

Kit includes: dental floss, mending kit, hand lotion, earring backs, emery board, nail polish remover pad, clear elastics, safety pin, double sided tape, facial cleansing wipe, bandage, antiperspirant wipe, shoe shine wipe, hygiene wipe, lip balm, mints, blister pad.

I pack my BeautyGram kit whenever I travel. It is small enough that I can put it in my carry on bag and know that I have important necessities without the hassle of full size products which are bulky and heavy. You never know when you are going to needs things! Remind me to tell you about the 12 hours I just spent in an airport…

The kits are available at the BeautyGram website.

KICKASS RATING – 5/5 stars


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