25 Patriotic Dessert Recipes

25 Patriotic Dessert Recipes

Memorial Day and the 4th of July are quickly approaching. Many people enjoy celebrating these patriotic occasions by throwing a BBQ for friends, neighbours and family to attend. Hot dogs and hamburgers are backyard party staples and are easy enough to throw on the grill. If you really want to wow people though, you will […]

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

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Fall is one of my favourite times of the year. I love laying on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot chocolate. Add whipped cream and peppermint and I am in hot chocolate heaven. Camino is one of my favourite brands of chocolate powder and chocolate bars. They are a Canadian brand of […]

Favorite Copycat Recipes


I love eating out and often wish I could make the same food at home. Can you imagine being able to recreate a Big Mac (yum!) or an Orange Julius! I know what is going on my meal plan for next week! Copycat Clubhouse Grille Sandwich via Wheel ‘n Deal Mama Copycat Olive Garden Toasted […]

How To Spice Up Your Meal Plans

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If you’ve already gotten into the groove of making meal plans, you might be noticing that although you’re able to eat healthier and save money, they can become quite boring and monotonous. It’s hard to keep the excitement around when you’re eating the same thing every week, and it definitely can make you break the […]

The Unhealthy Side of Healthy Food

apples and muffins

By @Deb_Lowther Healthy eating is something many of us strive for but the truth is there are times where our efforts to make healthy choices actually end up being on the unhealthy side of healthy food! Confused?  I don’t blame you!  How do you spot the unhealthy healthy food imposters?  Check out this list! Salad The dressing. Be a label reader and […]