Beat the Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

Beat the Holiday Blues Even the most positive and happy-go-lucky people get down during the holidays.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by everything you have going on.  Parties, school events, finances and so much more just build on the stress.  Not to mention, that depression rates jump during the holidays.  Here is a list […]

The Unhealthy Side of Healthy Food

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By @Deb_Lowther Healthy eating is something many of us strive for but the truth is there are times where our efforts to make healthy choices actually end up being on the unhealthy side of healthy food! Confused?  I don’t blame you!  How do you spot the unhealthy healthy food imposters?  Check out this list! Salad The dressing. Be a label reader and […]

Find Your Mid Winter Mojo!

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The Winter blahs are taking hold! The long cold dark days of winter seem never ending and this year we have had it all from rain to ice to snow to sleet and only a few short moments of sunshine. It can be hard to stay up beat and motivated and before long the winter blahs move in. Reduce […]