25 Patriotic Dessert Recipes

25 Patriotic Dessert Recipes

Memorial Day and the 4th of July are quickly approaching. Many people enjoy celebrating these patriotic occasions by throwing a BBQ for friends, neighbours and family to attend. Hot dogs and hamburgers are backyard party staples and are easy enough to throw on the grill. If you really want to wow people though, you will […]

Traveling Toddler – Why I Have Wanderlust


I have wanderlust….and I blame it all on my parents. When I was young, my dad was in the military and we traveled….. A LOT. When I was 1, my family moved to Germany. We lived in the Black Forest. How cool is that! Between the ages of 1 and 4, I visited the following […]

My KickAss Bliss


KickAss Bliss…..those words sum up how I feel about my 2014 Blissdom Canada experience. As I am sitting here thinking about how to describe the weekend, I am reminded about how I felt last year when I came home. I had an incredible time at Blissdom last year but… I crashed when I got home. […]

How A KickAss Adventure Changed My Life


Years ago, in what feels like many lifetimes ago, I worked for an airline. I travelled the world and loved the thrill of adventure. I enjoyed travelling, discovering new places and staying in hotels. I walked around Belfast and witnessed cars being torn apart by police, I sat on a bus while it was surrounded by machine […]