I Made Daal Masoor !

The first recipe I decided to try in my learning how to cook adventure is an Indian dish called Daal Masoor. It is a lentil based dish that is easy to make and tastes so good!

The generous women at Jaswant’s Kitchen offered me a great Indian spice starter kit to try. I was apprehensive as I can not cook! Along with amazing spices and lentils, the kit comes with recipes cards that have BIG colour photos! I need to see a photo of the finished product when I cook. I need to see what the dish is supposed to look like :)

Here is the recipe for the Daal Masoor that I made. It is delicious and so easy. I haven’t eaten  a lot of Indian food in my life so I am not used to the spices. I used 2 tsps. of Tadka Masala instead of the recommended 1 tbsp. and I used 1/8 tsp of Garam Masala instead of the suggested 1/4 tsp.

Here is a photo of my dish. I am very proud! (P.S I am not a good photographer but the soup tasted YUMMY!).

Daal Masoor photo

RATING (5 being the best):

  • Easy to make (time involved to make, prep time etc.) 5/5
  • Easy to follow instructions 5/5
  • Taste 5/5
  • Will I make it again? 5/5

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