KickAss Gift Ideas

KickAss Gift Ideas

Through out the year, I often buy and receive Kick Ass things that I want to share with my readers. In my quest to be more organized for 2016, I decided to create a KickAss Gift section where I can share these items. tell you why I like them and why they are included on this list.

Travel Items

I love to travel, in fact, in 2016 I am planning on going on a few adventures and checking some items off my bucket list. Below are a few travel related items that I love.


I am a “wee” bit addicted to buying books…and stationary, journals and pens. I will share my find with you.

Health and Beauty

I am far from a beauty blogger but having an 18 year old girl keeps me in the loop regarding makeup products, trends etc. She (we) *may* like buying beauty items….kinda like my book addiction. I will also include items that are good for the mind. body and soul.


Same as above except my I love buying purses….oh my. The thrill of buying a new purse :)


Things for the Home

I will show cool and fun things that I find for the home.

I hope you enjoy some of the items in the KickAss Gift Ideas section. If you have any products to recommend, send me a note ( and I will give them a try. I am always looking for KickAss items to share with my readers.

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