My Journey As A Widow – The First Five Years

my journey as widow


My journey as a widow started 5 years ago. Becoming a widow was the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me. I felt lost, afraid. alone. I did not think that I would ever be able to have a normal life again. I can not believe that it will be 5 years in August.

I was recently interviewed by Joann Filomena. She is a widow and life coach who reached out and wanted to chat about my journey as a widow and share what I learned during the first five years of my journey.

I hope my interview helps anyone who is going through this terrible time. Please know you are not alone and reach out to me if you need to talk. Widows are part of a sisterhood and we help each other through the journey.

Here are the links to the podcast. Please share if you know a widow who needs help.


Google Play (Episode 17)

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