My KickAss Bliss


KickAss Bliss…..those words sum up how I feel about my 2014 Blissdom Canada experience.

As I am sitting here thinking about how to describe the weekend, I am reminded about how I felt last year when I came home. I had an incredible time at Blissdom last year but… I crashed when I got home. I was so sad and felt very alone. I came home and took off my happy mask. I was angry that so many women were going home to their husbands and I was not. I was in tears when I walked into my house because of all the reminders of the “life I had”.

Fast forward one year….

I had an incredible time at Blissdom BUT coming home was different this year. I was HAPPY to be home. There was no mask to take off! Instead of coming home and feeling sorry for myself, I came home happy with myself. I came home proud of myself for everything that I have accomplished in 365 days. I came home so full of love. I came home invigorated to keep moving forward and pushing the envelope to see what else I can accomplish as a single mom and widow. I came home empowered.

I would like to thank the incredible women at Blissdom Canada for creating a conference that brings together such a loving community. I would like to thank my one of a kind roommates for making me laugh so much for the first time in a long time. Most of all, I would like to thank everyone that I shared time with, shared a hug with. You are my support rock…my extended family. Your love and support are one of the reasons that I am where I am today and I love each and everyone of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for loving me. Your friendship has helped me out of a very dark place and I can honestly say that I am HAPPY again. You have changed my life.


PS. The tears falling on my computer are happy tears.


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    Stop making me cry! I had to take a couple of minutes to dry up my eyes before posting this! It’s so great to read that you came home HAPPY this year instead of feeling sad. I love that you came home feeling empowered…as you should! I loved all our talks about this subject and how things have changed so much (for both of us) over the last few years. I am so happy I got to room with all you ladies – it truly was a blast and so so many laughs. So good for the soul! You’ve come a long ways, Ann….and the best is yet to come! XOXO
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