The Unhealthy Side of Healthy Food

apples and muffins

By @Deb_Lowther Healthy eating is something many of us strive for but the truth is there are times where our efforts to make healthy choices actually end up being on the unhealthy side of healthy food! Confused?  I don’t blame you!  How do you spot the unhealthy healthy food imposters?  Check out this list! Salad The dressing. Be a label reader and […]

The Secret To Better Health

What if I told you I had the secret to better health, easier weight control, more energy, more restful sleep, and better mood? One that could provide stress relief, stronger muscles and bones and reduced heartburn, anxiety, constipation, depression, while also preventing diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer? You’d be curious right. You’d probably be first in line to find out this […]